Upcoming Retreats

Awaken the Inner 


Awaken to your highest potential through womb healing.


1x Yoni Steam Session

1x Heart and Hip Opening Yoga Flow

1x Ceremonial Cacao Elixir

1x Herbal Tea

1x Intention Setting Circle

1x Sharing Circle

1x Guided Mediation

1x 45min. Massage 

1x 60min. Dancing to Connect to Shakti


Join us to connect to the divine feminine within your bodies' rhythms, feelings, sexuality, and pleasure through working with ancient traditions, and connecting more deeply to the earth and womb space.


(limited spots available)

Connect deeper with your Divine Feminine Power

Cultivate a relationship with your womb

Activate your Inner Goddess

El Pital Ometepe
chocolate paradise

Madroñal, Altagracia

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Email:  elpital@mail.com

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Magic is Real  

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