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El Pital Ometepe
chocolate paradise

Madroñal, Altagracia

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

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Upcoming Retreats

Womb Wellness Retreat

A Goddess Gathering

June 3-8, 2020

Connect deeper with your Divine Feminine Power

Cultivate a relationship with your womb

Activate your Inner Goddess

Awaken to your highest potential through womb healing.


accommodation in our natural made dorms

heart opening daily yoga and guided meditations 

3-plant-based meals daily

womb healing meditations and practices

health and intimacy workshops

1x1 personal womb wellness consultation

laughter and authentic relating workshop

ecstatic dance

daily cacao ceremonies

intention setting and sharing circles.

local organic coffee & herbal tea

1x1 personal healing topic of your choice

discussion on how to heal generational trauma

ancestral awakening workshop

travel to and from the airport

discounted prices on ceremonial cacao

Join us to connect to the divine feminine within your bodies' rhythms, feelings, sexuality, and pleasure through working with ancient traditions, and connecting more deeply to the earth and womb space.


(limited spots available)

Meet the Womb Wellness Retreat Team

Krina Lee

Jennifer Turner

Madalyn Elizabeth Love

Monica Waumann

KrinaLee began her career in Houston, Texas. After three years at Texas Southern University as both a full-time student and the resident co-ed hair styling expert, she began to realize her true calling. KrinaLee withdrew from school and enrolled at Texas Barber College and Cosmetology School. Here is where she excelled in learning about hair care, hair styling techniques, trends, and the growing cosmetology industry. She went on to complete Cosmetology school and get her state license.

After four years of hair care and styling in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth area, KrinaLee opened her own hair studio in 2014. In her efforts to maintain a fluid clientele, she continues to develop her craft by learning the latest style trends, techniques, and creating products. She attends workshops and seminars across the country to make sure she stays “in the know”. When she isn’t trend-watching, she is trend-setting! KrinaLee has developed several of her own hair styling techniques that have become the key to her growing brand. 

After a brief move to New York City to confine pursue a career in hairstyling, Krina found her ultimate calling. It was "women"! Not just doing hair but building, up lifting, pouring into. My purpose was to make women feel good from the inside out. Krina did not jump into her calling right away, she isolated herself and did her own inner work. Through mediation, Yoga, and spiritual guru... With all of the inner work going on one day she asked herself? What am I putting  voluntarily on the inside of me. After changing my tooth paste, deodorant and diet ... she wonders about other feminine care products on the market and how she could make them vegan and Currently Evolving Yoni Care Was Born. 

Later Krina Lee used the knowledge from making natural hair care products to natural feminine care products. As Krina began to evolve she created a plant based feminine care brand called Currently Evolving Yoni Care. My goal is to simply cut out all chemicals, by products, fragrance etc. Her  Philosophy is, humans deserve to have products that not only cleanse but nurture your body. Holistic Health was the next step in the Evolution of Krina Lee. 


Her professional goal is to always teach the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while creating a plant based enterprise ; continue to empower women and girls by helping them develop a healthy self-image; and build a network of flourishing women. 

Proud native Texan.

Graduated at Alabama A&M University with her Bachelors of Science degree in Economics. Upon graduating in 2009, Jennifer came back to Houston and earned her juris doctorate at Texas Southern University-Thurgood Marshall School of Law where she became a licensed Attorney and started her own practice. It is her belief that being an Attorney is her passion, but not her purpose for her life on earth. 

Her spiritual journey began at Bellfort Church of Christ where she was a member since childhood and still currently attends. In the Church of Christ, she learned the fundamentals of God and the foundation of her beliefs were paved. Her spiritual growth flourished when God lead her to heal mentality, physically and emotionally from years of masked trauma through Dr. Sebi’s alkaline bio mineral balanced diet. Dr. Sebi’s methodology introduced her to plants and herbs and the power of using God, food and herbs to heal. 

Her faith and healing lead her to a journey of understanding of the power of positive thinking, love, energy, and spiritual living. As she continued to grow stronger in her beliefs she discovered God’s spirit within her and her thoughts manifesting around her. This created a peaceful and healthy environment for which she strives to maintain. 

Jennifer is now a certified master herbalist and obtained her diploma from Centre of Excellence. She continues to follow the teachings of Christ to merge the gap of religion and spirituality and thereby exemplifying and spreading love throughout the world. 

Madalyn Love is a psychic new earth guide, a love, relationship and intimacy coach, singer songwriter, sound healer and cacao priestess. She accesses the Akashic records to assist in aligning to our souls blueprint, helps energetically clear blockages and re-activates soul level gifts to deepen understanding of how to align with our original essence. She holds a ceremonial space for deep connection, healing and remembrance of soul, and how to embody our gifts within the human experience. Madalyn has been initiated in a Lakota Moon Lodge, and has been holding circles for women to connect to the divine feminine within their bodies rhythms, feelings, sexuality, and pleasure through working with ancient traditions, and connecting more deeply to the earth and womb space.

Originally from San Diego, California, she moved to Texas where she went to school and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing at Texas State University in San Marcos where she fell in love with the San Marcos spring river and where her journey towards self-discovery began. She is a certified yoga teacher and did her 200YYT in Wimberley, TX. She holds a loving, nonjudgmental and safe space for others to step out of their comfort zone into the journey of self exploration and self expansion. She encourages others to walk the path of radical self-love and is empowering those around her to expand their capacity towards unconditional love and understanding. She embodies freedom and loves to express herself through movement and artwork. She works closely with the cacao plant medicine and facilitates laughter and authentic relating workshops that cultivate trust, allow vulnerability, heal the inner child and tune into the magic of flow, to celebrate humanity. She travels to different festivals sharing her gifts. She is an artist, a mother, a partner, a slackliner, a yogi, an acroyogi, and a lover of the universe now living in the tropical jungles of Ometepe.