M A G I C  I S  R E A L

El Pital Ometepe
chocolate paradise

Madroñal, Altagracia

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Email:  elpital@mail.com

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*Please message us with 72HR in advance* to arrange transport

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Thursday, January 9, 16, 23

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Chocolate Tour

Come join us for an exciting and adventurous learning experience to see, taste, and go deep inside the world of Cacao and Chocolate.


Visit the cacao farm and food forest of El Pital, taste the raw fruit, see how the beans are fermented, dried, winnowed, grinded, and crystallized from the Tree to the Bar. From the historical origin of Cacao here in Central America all the way through the current state of industrialized chocolate worldwide, learn how sustainable, ethical, and healthy raw chocolate is produced in its entirety. At the end of the walking tour, settle in comfortably for a warm spiced Cacao Tea and plentiful tastings of the delicious raw chocolates made exclusively here at El Pital. We humbly offer this tour with the positive intention to share in the love and heart-opening medicine of the Food of the Gods.


Contact us ahead of time or drop by to reserve a spot. Tours will be happening every day.


or send us a message on facebook to organize a Chocolate Tour at a day and time convenient to you.

Price for the tour is $15 per person and includes an added bonus discount of 20% on all bars of chocolate from the Chocolate Factory to go.